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Getting your license


Reasons why people want to get their license:


For a job –  a lot of companies now require that all their employees have their drivers license, even if the job doesn’t require you to drive.

 Just turned 16 – in New York Sate the minimum age to get a learner’s permit is 16. Recently the NYSDMV has issued new regulations regarding new drivers under the age of 18. You may need a form MV-262. Check their website for more information.

Moving out of state – some people prefer to get their licenses before they move, to make the transition to another state go smoother. Opting to change over their license at a later date.

 Permit about to expire – the DMV now requires all expiring learner’s permit holders to take the written test again upon renewing their permit. No more just paying the money and renewing it. Sorry!!

 Long commute -  sometimes a long commute by public transportation can can be greatly reduced by driving. For example: Taking public transportation from Brooklyn to some parts of Queens or Long Island can take as much as 2 hours. Whereas that same commute by car could take as little as 15 minutes.

Getting your permit

Getting your learner’s permit can be a relatively simple process or it can be a difficult one if you don’t have the proper documentation:


            Read the learner’s manual

            Bring the proper documents to the DMV

           Proof of name

           Proof of D,O.B.

           Bring social security card

           Pass eye test or bring form MV-619

           Pass your written test

           Pay fee (No more than $85)

            Take driving lessons

            Take the five hour class(pre-licensing course) Required!

            Schedule your road test (link)

            Pass your road test.

            That’s it.


You can get a copy of the learners manual at your local DMV office or read the online manual at www.nysdmv.com  You may also be able to find the learners manual at your local driving school.


Bring the proper documents to the DMV

Bring a form MV-44 (Drivers license application)

Under 18 – if you are under 18 you may be required to have your parent or guardian sign your form unless you are 17 and have a  MV-285 (Driver Education Certificate of Completion)


 The Point system

You need a certain amount of points to get a New York State id. Examine the chart for the type of documentation needed and for it’s point value.


Eye test or examination

You will be required to read an eye chart when at the DMV offices. Or you can get your optometrist to give you an eye exam and fill out form MV-619. And bring this form with you to the DMV.


Out of country – if you are licensed driver in another country you may be permitted to drive in New York State without a New York State drivers license (see this link). For example if you have your foreign driver’s license and an *international permit issued by your country then you may be permitted to drive in this country without another licensed driver. And can drive yourself to your road test (all other driver’s not in this special category must have a licensed driver over the age of 21 with them when they take their road test) 

*(Beware of scams. Business or individuals claiming to be able to give you an international driver’s license may be scams. An international driver’s license can only be issued to you by the country you are from and only when you currently hold a valid driver’s license from that country) We can assist you in this process if you wish to go that route Contact us.


Out of State – you can change your out of state driver’s license to a New York state drivers license by filling out the necessary paperwork and turning in your old license.

You can not drive in New York State with an out of state learner’s permit.

You can not turn in an out of state learners permit in exchange for a New York State learners permit.



 Other important info: www.nysdmv.com

 Searching the DMV website for information (It is a wealth of

Information) The answers to most DMV related questions can be found on the DMV website. Or you can Ask Marc!


The learner’s manual – the DMV has the learner’s manual online and in several languages. If you would like a hardcopy you can call or write your local DMV office.


The permit test – you can also take a practice test for the learners permit on the DMV's website. The permit test consist of 20 multiple choice questions. They consist of questions regarding signs, alcohol and general driving related questions. Most of it is common sense but it always pays to read the manual with special concentration on the signs and alcohol sections.

 DMV – practice test


What type of license do you want?


            Class D

            Class E


            Class M





The temporary permit

Once you pass your permit test you will be issued a temporary learner’s permit. The temporary learners permit is usually good for 90 days. Within this time period you should receive your picture learner’s permit (When you take your road test you must bring your picture learner’s permit or the temporary learner’s permit and a New York State id along with your pre-licensing certificate. You will not be allowed  to take your test without these documents)




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